Anywho Since my absence I a have


  I'm as shocked as you are.

I am also back in school..... Yep you are indeed reading that correctly. I went back to get my teaching license. It going to be a crazy couple of months. 
2 semesters of 20 plus Credits and Teaching a Kindergarten class (in Magna)! 
I am so lucky that my site teacher is AMAZING and that the kids are adorable. Im working hard, and I do not know how people do this everyday! 

Growing up is hard to do! 
But I'm not Peter Pan, I am a Wendy! I need it and I love it.


Please Disturbe

Oh hey.. Hi there... Where has the time gone. 
You see winter time I like to hibernate. Yes, if you are wondering I did just compared myself to a woodland animal, like bears.     

I HATE winter. 
Yes I live in utah and I hate winter, the irony I promise is not lost on me. 
I realize it's hard for most people to take in. But this is the way I have always been and most likely the way I will forever be. I still love all my friends who enjoy this particular season but its just not for me. I need warmth to survive. 
As you might have noticed during this season I become like a elusive creature or sadly like a distance yet hopefully fond memory. 
But not to worry friends 
 is coming, and that is when I make a come back.

As of late I actually have been super busy with school, nannying, getting out this cold climate as much as possible, and basically just living the single life. 
Don't get me wrong these are all good things,
 but its time for change!

And change is on its way...

Hoppy Easter Everybody! 



Fall is here, which means so many things.... Billy turned 17, how unreal is that?

 It also brings fall break! I went to California with my mother and Emilee. Now we weren't able to see may people as we would have liked to while we were down their because of the limited time and one car but we had a blast. I convinced them that we had to dress in costumes one day in Disneyland. My mom went as Minnie Mouse, Emilee went as Cinderella, and I went as Snow White. This was a huge hit, and a highlight of the trip. All the little kids thought I was Snow White!

Other then that the trip was to fast and we are back to reality.
Which for me now includes a job!! I am a nanny for 3 boys, one is 4 and one is 3 months old, while the other boy is 6 and is at all day kindergarten so I don't get to really see him. Which is way depressing because I love them all so much. The parents are truly amazing and I am so lucky to get to work for this family.
Other then that news I am hearing winter knocking on the door. Now this may not come a shock to most people but winter is my least favorite season. I love looking at it in pictures or from a warm cozy house with adorable sweat pants and fancy socks on with a winter sweater all with a cup of hot chocolate in my hands but really a girl can only do that so many nights before she basically goes into hibernation mode (yeah just like a bear). Listen people the winter brings very cold snow and ice, need I go on? Yes I believe there is a place for this type of  weather and that's right around Christmas time, and then it needs to leave. Anyone agree?
Ps It also brings Halloween- I hate scary movies and haunted houses but I love dressing up, clearly haha and the movie Hocus Pocus! Happy haunting everyone

Pss- I also missed giving s shout out to a besites b- day! Casey I love you doll, I have no idea what I would so with out you


Hi dolls!
I know, I know... Months have past. I have decided that I am just horrible at blogging, I don't mean to be but I just am. It's like my relationship with my journal, except this relationship is SO much better! I just looked at my journal the last time I wrote in my journal was during my super serious relationship.... And 1000 points to anyone who can remember when that was, because it's been that long ;)
Anywho I always say "I am going to be better" but this time I will be more realistic. I will do my very best to blog more, because I know all of my many followers need the all exciting "Elise Update" And I don't blame you, who doesn't?! Hahaha

I finished spring classes and received a B+ in the Math class that I was so worried about, hooray!! For that Jess and I planned a trip to Vegas for June! That's how amazing it was. Than I jumped right into summer semester.....

Alright, so I had the most amazing experience (that almost killed me, I mean literally all my friends thought I was dead for 6 weeks because no one saw me!)... I was able to be a student teacher for six week for a kindergarten class at the University of Utah. This class really makes or breaks students, luckily for me it really made me see how badly I wanted to be a teacher. I fell in love with all the students (even the extremely hard ones) I taught lessons and some failed and some rocked! I planned centers and field trips ect.... Then we had the end of the year celebration. I cried the entire time, I have no idea how teachers do this every year. You get so close with these kids and then you know you won't see them next year, let alone tomorrow or the next day ect... And that got to me. One boy told me he loved me the most, I lost it and then he looked at me and said, well dont cry about it! This job is so a lot of work but I have to say the most rewarding! I can't wait to really get into it!

Since then I have been on a well deserved school break! Best time ever! It's been filled with friends, big and mini vacations, movies, Go Karting, scooter rides, concerts, I also got my tonsils out... And everyone take a breath now.... some hiking and yoga. Yes friends weird I know, but sometimes you just have to try new things, and sometimes you like them. Weird I know! But that was the summer, it came and went way to fast! But here are some pics to show you what I have been up to! Love you all and will do my best on blogging!

St. George Mini Trip- Went and visited High School Musical 2 Location... It was a must
 We watched the eclips with the Hatchs... How lucky are we?

 My cute kindergarten class!!! Love them.. clearly!

 Was there to see one of Julies dreams come true... held a baby horse, thank you Kath!

VEGAS weekend with Jess!

 Disneyland/California with the family!

 Brother and Sister love

 Me and Mom

 Thats right I said it!

 She was amazing, had the accent and everything....

 Yep... Billy and I look like we are on a date. Nope he is just my little brother people
 haha love late nights with kath and tall brent! Well there has only been the one with brent but to many to count with Kath!

 Hiking... this is real people

 Prom pic with V. Had to happen! And concert with the ladies

I feel in love with DC! Maybe it was just because I was able to spend quality time with Katie...

Yes please to both!

 Working girl!
 Tour of the Capital
 Kust get me a cupcake and Im a happy girl!

 Swing dancing with the ladies... What an epic night... ended with a fun trip to the ER!

 Polo match with more of the ladies. I was for sure made for the East coast living!

 Singing "Firework"

 Fell in LOVE with "Old Town"

 Night Tour

 White House!!

Hawaii with the Family!

No more tonsils!!!

Bridal shower with the Waterford Ladies


XOXO- Lise